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Beginner Bridge Course Lesson 7

We had our seventh lesson where we talked about preempts and 2C openings. Remember that preempts are intended to make bidding hard for the opponents by taking up lots of space; however, 2C is not a preempt! It is a conventional bid used to show extremely strong hands (22+ HCP or 9+ tricks).

Below is a recording of the lecture. Here is the link to this week's auto-graded review exercises.

Important: There will be an end-of-class tournament next week with prizes for the students from this class. To attend, please fill out this form and log on to Zoom at the same time next week (4pm PDT). The first place pair will win 10 BB$ each, 2nd and 3rd place pairs will win 5 BB$ each. BB$ is the online currency used by BBO and can be used to participate in online tournaments.

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